War Stories

El Rey

El Rey was our FW drop for 2019 - featuring DOC inspired details on several garments. Most favorite piece is the Tunnel Runners!

My Father’s Truck

Throughout my childhood, my father always had several types of jobs, but the line of work remain similar - either a salesman or something related t...

18 Wheelers

My family has been in the business of repairing truck radiators ever since I can remember. It all started with my grandfather before I was born and...

My First Memory

The first memory I have of my childhood has me standing in front of a window at my grandmother's house at the age of 2. It's dark outside and most...

5280 Feet of Diplomacy

The school bell rang around 8:50 pm each night and we all know what that meant.  A gang fight. A walk home from school had built-in entertainment...

5280 feet of Downhill

I used to skate about a mile to school each day and walk back home at night. The school bell rang at 2PM in the afternoon and the school would usua...

The Rubber Boat

To stop a leak - another hole needs to be made. But first the leak must to be found. The ceiling is plastic. The walls are plastic. The floor is p...

Rolling Blunts with Alexia Luv in Bed

Part-time Nurse | Full-Time Stunner

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