We design bespoke garments for drug smugglers, rap artists, and dimes.™

DRO 420 Rally

Denver police showed up to remind us that it would be illegal to "hotbox" the DRO booth - but everything worked out perfectly at the end of the day.

420 Weekend GeoCache Hunt

Yet another fun DRO Cannabis GeoCache Hunt was deployed over 420 weekend in the RINO district!

Dro blunts with Alexia Luv

To celebrated national Blunt Day, we caught with Alexia to get high on Luv. She also showed us how to roll dro blunts in bed and not get messy.

DRO available at TGS

DRO now available at The Green Solution dispensaries in Colorado! We are super pumped about this awesome new relationship. Read more about it!

Smoking Dro with Ivy Bells

Palm trees, sand, DRO and Ivy. Thats all you need to know about it. Ivy shows us how the west coast loves to blow palm trees. Take a peep :)

Make Moves

All I can say it "Ten Crack Commandments". Please give me the name of any young multi-millionaire who hasn't been inspired by drug dealing music.

Jamie Miwa meets DRO

Fulltime nurse - part time stunna Jamie Miwa loves to hear that shutter button go off - so we lucked out this time again.

DRO X Julian

We met Julian some years back when we used to push protein powder in the mail while looking for those gainz.

Drotrip at Chalice

Concern should be raised when driving out of Colorado with CO license plates, but thanks to St. Chapo, the DRO whip had California plates.

What is DRO Part 1

Separated by a single pane of glass - the agent had positioned himself against a wall outside the house - I could spot him in the darkness only when the night would turn to day with the exit of each bullet from his machine gun