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DRO | War Stories

DRO FW19 Undermine The System Collection

El Rey was our FW drop for 2019 - featuring DOC inspired details on several garments. Most favorite piece is the Tunnel Runners!

My Father’s Truck

The truck was a bit old and it swayed in a funny way here and there when you gave it some gas because it has an extended bed with 30+ years of carrying heavy loads, yet seemed reliable and safe to drive. The interior of the truck was huge and the cab always had a sweet smell to it. 

18 Wheelers

 My family has been in the business of repairing truck radiators ever since I can remember. It all started with my grandfather before I was born and after all these years the business still stands in the same location today.

My First Memory

The supersonic sound from the projectiles and the overpressure of the M16 muzzle flash was just as entertaining as a 4th of July firework display. Somehow I had front row seat to the show as I found myself standing a couple yards away from member of the Mexican PGR.

5280 Feet of Diplomacy

A mile-walk at night time in my city was straight out of a scene in The Warriors movie. Luckily for me, my fast-learned street diplomacy and knowing when-and-where to name-drop my classmates names was my passport as I entered and exited several gang borderlines with my backpack and skateboard on hand.

5280 feet of Downhill

I used to skate about a mile to school each day and walk back home at night. The school bell rang at 2PM in the afternoon and the school would usually let us out around 9PM… straight into the night. 

The Rubber Boat

A few weeks back - same place just one floor above - we counted 30 stacks -  The loot met our expectations and carelessly - we left it sitting on top of the bed as went out to celebrate the milestone.

Rolling Blunts with Alexia Luv in Bed

Part-time Nurse | Full-Time Stunner

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