What is DRO Part 3

My Father's Truck

Throughout my childhood, my father had all sorts of jobs, but the line of work always remain the same - either a salesman selling automotive oil, a painter at my uncle's bodyshop or as a mechanic at another uncle's shop.

At one point, my father had an odd job working for another uncle who had a welding shop. The shop was on the edge of the city. A place were customers - who needed modifications made to their trucks - would drop off their vehicle for a few weeks.

Most of the modifications had my dad cut an entire truck in half with a gas torch. From there, the vehicles would be extended or shorten, based on the technical requirements of the customers.

The strangest thing about the truck was that it had many gas tanks - yet only one for gasoline.

During that time, my father would drive an old Chevy pickup truck to pick up my brother and I from elementary school each day. The truck was a bit old and it swayed in a funny way here and there when you gave it some gas because it has an extended bed with 30+ years of carrying heavy loads, yet seemed reliable and safe to drive. The interior of the truck was huge and the cab always had a sweet smell to it.

One day the truck was gone. When I asked - my father just told me that it was not his, that it belong to a customer who needed some more welding done to the truck.

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