Drotrip at Chalice

Dollars Westbound.

We knew it was going to be hot - just didn’t know how hot.

It took the largest SUV they had at the car rental spot to transport a load of DRO we had recently hand-crafted - alongside the DRO Igloo and other event essentials - to get us on the road back to the mothership. California.

The 15 was hot

Concern should be raised when driving out of Colorado with CO license plates, but thanks to St. Chapo, the DRO whip had California plates. The Golden State smiled upon us, so we headed out.

The road got hot after dipping into Utah. We saw them hiding in the overpasses but 5 mph over throws them off. Good thing that Nevada is just a few hours out and dro just got legalized in that state.

107 is hot

The event was insanely hot, pushing 107 degrees the day we got there. We spent the next 3 days high AF, smoking dro blunts left and right. Highlights of the event was having VIPs like Kurupt and The Real Rick Ross. Also witnessed 20 or so people smoking what began as a Chainsaw dro blunt - down to ashes while dancing and chanting.

We apologize for the next statement - but California tree kills Colorado trees - we know it sounds terrible, but it is the honest truth. Thanks for all the free dro people gave us!

DRO was hot

The latest DRO batch we dropped killed it. The Pounds Eastbound Dollars Westbound t-shirt was unofficially award the “Best Graphical T-shirt” at Chalice by a fan. LOL. That shit was turning haters to believers. We even sold our french terry pullovers in 100+ degree temperatures… that's how hot DRO got at the show. If we had only goose feather jackets we would have sold them too.

During the trip, we also had the chance to link up with @shotbyspencer out in Venice Beach to shoot with beautiful @jora_the_xplora. Thank you guys for the awesome shots! Also thanks to @adventuresoulnicole for contributing with your pretty and energetic smile :)

Chalice event poster 2017 Model wearing a dro delta9 sweatshirt at Chalice Spencer wearing DRO pounds tee Model wearing DRO dad hat walking on Venice beach
JB texting wearing dro tee at chalice Model wearing DRO pullover at Chalice wearing big sunglasses Model wearing a dro dad hat and dro sweatshirt at Chalice Jora the Explorer wearing a dro dad hat at venice beach

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