DRO 420 Rally

We have been anticipating this dope event for many months, and 420 Rally truly met and exceeded our expectations - but the same cannot be said about how the City of Denver felt about it - as they banned the event for 3 years.

Denver police showed up to remind us that it would be illegal to "hotbox" the DRO booth.

Day started early and sunny with setting up the new booth we designed for this event, which had its own challenges - like the Denver police showing up to remind us that it would be illegal to "hotbox" the booth since public consumption of dro was not allowed at the event. But, somehow the entire event was hella cloudy with smoke, and once it started to rain, the blunt passing never stopped.

Thanks to the DRO Posse for showing up to strong arm the "DRO Igloo", thanks to Loudiene for showing mad love all day-every-day! Thanks to Trev Rich for rocking the stage and putting Denver on the map! Thanks to all our new DRO customers who copped mad gear and sorry for running out of the DRO Pullover Hoodie and the Delta 9 Crewneck fleece - we got them back in stock playa!

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DRO 420 Rally

Denver police showed up to remind us that it would be illegal to "hotbox" the DRO booth - but everyt... Read More