Ex-MusclePharm Employees Launch Luxury Cannabis Startup.

Denver, CO, 10/20/18 | Denver-based cannabis lifestyle brand - DRO ® - has executed on a long-awaited milestone this month by entering the Marijuana market in the State of Colorado with high-grade luxury cannabis products with their sub-brand DRO Flower™.

“Cannabis to Us - is like Champagne to Louis Vuitton.” - Said CEO and Founder Pauly Blunts - “Our customers have refined taste and high expectations - so we work hard to deliver the best on all levels because reputation is everything to us and upholding these standards is critical to a luxury brand, so we hand select each flower to meet our own high standards.“

DRO Flower™ products are grown in small batch, indoor, high-tech hydroponic grow environments. Our facility has implemented some of the latest LED lighting technology and a proprietary quality control process to set and maintain product expectations.

“We are connoisseurs of fine cannabis and those who know what quality cannabis is, understand the level of craftsmanship that goes into each batch of products.” - shared by Founder, Pauly Blunts - “Our flowers are cultivated in one of the most scientifically advanced facilities in Colorado. Each harvest is treated with proprietary LED light recipes to ensure expected potency and experience.”

“We dropped this in Colorado last weekend in a few locations on the I-25 grind with limited flavors so everyone could get a taste, our retail partners - including ourselves - are looking forward to February when all of our strain flavors will be available.  We also have a large scale marketing campaigns to increase local demand for DRO Flower™ products - like our annual DRO Cannabis Geocache Hunt all over the city...“- said V.P of Brand Strategy Jamar Brown.

The DRO team wants to thank all their supporters for being part of this awesome project. Media and public can send inquiries to