The Rubber Boat

To stop a leak - another hole needs to be made.

But first - the leak must to be found.

The ceiling is plastic.

The walls are plastic.

The floor is plastic.

A plastic chair sits in the center of the room.


One of our own.

A few weeks back - same location just one floor above - we counted 30 stacks - The loot met our expectations and carelessly - we left it sitting on the bed as we went out to celebrate our milestone. We came back - the room was tossed. Rest of house intact. What we had gained, was now gone. “Stacks on Stacks on Stacks was now …. No-Stacks” is what we told ourselves as we began to bring order to the chaos in the room.

We noticed that when they tossed the mattress over - the sheets had concealed what left on top of the bed. To our surprise - the loot was all there - wrapped in the sheets. Blinded by the floor safe in the closet - they overlooked everything else and fortunately our major loss was just the cracked safe where we normally kept the loot along with the burners. They had the right tool. They showed up prepared.

We have a leak on the rubber boat that can't go unrepaired.