DRO originated in the streets of Los Angeles in 2012. We handcrafted our first garments in a work/live loft on the corner of 5th and Broadway in DTLA. For those who know the area, where LAPD and LA County Sheriff jurisdictional lines meet, and neither of them care to stop the corner hustle.

Since then we have been designing, cutting and sewing bespoke garments for drug smugglers, rap artists and dimes.

Welcome to Camp 5th & Broadway. 250 above sea level.

5th & Broadway Downtown Los Angeles, CA - DTLA

WEST LA | 2013

The struggle continues - Wu Tang forever.

The come up is never easy and the cracks begin to show. The year was full of transitions and pivots that truly suck the energy out of life. If it wasn't for a the rhino skin - this would have ended a while back.

You gotta do whatever you have to in order to stay around the block. You have to survive - as the early days are the hardest - You have to show you are really about it.

Welcome to Camp Airdrome. 250 above sea level.

Sewing DRO woven label with sewing machine


We know the west.

Its veins.
Its interstates.

Just like an aircraft carrier moves closer to its target - we relocated operations from LA to Boulder to shorten the distance of operations. The fresh air in the mountain range helps with our vision.

Welcome to Camp Boulder. 1 Mile above sea level.

Load secured inside truck


DRO Rocky Mountain Division sprouted roots in late 2014, as we expanded operations to The State of Colorado from California for known and obvious reasons.

We understand the value of quality product and proper distribution. So we are out here, hustling, moving loads East and bundles West.

Welcome to Camp Denver. 1 Mile above sea level.

Girl smoking a DRO blunt

A MILE HIGH ++ | 2016

We need to expand operations.

We hear it from a retired army veteran guy - "Iron Sharpens Iron" - and these words have become our culture. Real recognized real and the team expanded. We now have a small squad. The less the sailors the lighter the boat.

Can’t sink a boat that has no leaks.


We have established routes from the west coast to the Rocky Mountains and have made pack with the locals.

High on life - We burned the peace pipe.

Time has come to reinforce the distribution pipelines based on latest findings. Time to go back to California.

Land warfare - Hand to hand combat - come and get it.

Welcome to the western front trenches. Elevation Unknown

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